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Overstage equipment

Overstage equipment
Important components of stage machinery and equipment are the elements of the technical equipment for the movement of decors and curtains. By means of steel ropes moved by wheels at the end of the iron rails, different positioning and movement of suspended elements and props for theatrical productions is possible. Overhead hoists can be mounted vertically or horizontally, the vertical mounting is preferred method, because it saves space and offers easier access for maintenance.
The manual hoist is managed and controlled by a hemp rope, which is fitted with a special locking system at its end. The slider moves on a guide and is extremely balanced.
We offer a wide range of flying systems, trying to choose the most optimal one for your room. We can provide multiple configuration options with custom designs conformed with your needs.
We can make curtains and rail systems by your choice. You can choose when and how the curtain opens and closes, whether it will be manual, electric or combined.

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Overstage equipment

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