Warranty Terms

General warranty conditions
1. For this product „PIP ELECTRONICS“ Ltd.. gives the respective guarantee from the date of purchase. The warranty covers defects that occur during normal operation during the warranty period due to bad quality materials or incorrect manufacturing. The warranty allows repair and adjustment of the product in an authorized service center.
2. All defects described in item 1 will be rectified free of charge after the product has been delivered to an authorized service base.
3. The guarantee begins from the day of reception of the goods with an act of acceptance.
4. The legal warranty conditions and ensuring the required quality of the repair are valid only following the rules in this card.
5. "PIP ELECTRONICS" Ltd. is not responsible for cosmetic damages and damages caused by incorrect use of the product and in case of violation of legal obligations.
6. Nevertheless the commercial warranty, the seller is responsible for the lack of conformity of the goods with the sales contract, according to the requirements of the CPA.
7. The warranty does not apply to scratches, cracks and injuries found at the moment of purchasing the product.
8. The warranty does not cover the elimination of defects caused by force majeure or vandalism.
9. The warranty does not cover costs related to the periodic inspection and maintenance of products, such as replacement of parts and consumables as a result of normal wear and tear or exhaustion of their resource.
10. Warranty maintenance may be refused in all following cases:
- There is a nonconformity between the data in the documents and those of the product or there are attempted to falsify the warranty card and the serial number of the good.
- The instructions for installation, maintenance and operation of the product, specified in the user manual, have not been observed or the safety rules and standards valid for the country have been violated.
- The damages are a consequence of installation or (attempt for) repair by unauthorized persons or service; Unauthorized modifications of the product have been made, changing its specifications and characteristics.
- The serial number is torn or unreadable.
- Lack of original packaging.
- In case of damages and defects caused by negligence, abuse or non-conform use according to the purpose of the product (e.g. use of household products for professional and semi-professional purposes, unlicensed, inappropriate software not ordered by the manufacturer, virus infection).
- The damage has occurred as a result of a condition or defect of the system if the product has been plugged in or built-in, or using accessories and peripherals not prescribed by the manufacturer.
- Amortization of the device due to overcharges exceeding those specified by the manufacturer.
- The warranty sticker affixed by the supplier or the manufacturer is torn or damaged.
- Damage has been found on the products as a result of mechanical interventions - shocks, breakages, etc.
- The damage was caused by malicious actions.
- In case of damage due to treatment with aggressive cleaning agents, limestone, grease, acids, bases.
- In case of damage caused by transport (except when performed by an authorized service center), accidents, electric shocks, vibrations, unsecured cooling conditions, inappropriate input or supply voltages, radiation or due to natural disasters (thunder, floods, fire, etc.). ), work in a polluted environment, penetrated insects or other reasons not depending on the control of the manufacturer.
11. By applying a complaint, „PIP ELECTRONICS “ Ltd. is not obliged to provide reversible equipment.
12. When selling the product, the employee of „PIP ELECTRONICS “Ltd. is obliged to verify its product and serial number in the Warranty Card, to mark the date of purchase, to certify the card and to give it over to the user. The user is obliged to check that the data has been entered correctly. In case of a dispute, the consumer is the one who has to prove that the non-conformity between the product and the serial number in the Warranty Card and on the product is a result of an omission of an employee of „PIP ELECTRONICS “Ltd...
13. When repair is performed within the warranty service, the service specialist has to note in the Warranty Card the following data: date of filing the claim and date of receipt of the product for repair; the cause of the damage; date of delivery of the product to the consumer; new deadline warranty period extended by the time of repair.
14. The warranty is recognized by the provided service base only by presentation of a purchase document and warranty card, filled in correctly and readable, containing the name of the buyer, name and stamp of the seller, purchase details.
15. A product purchased from another distributor of the BEHRINGER brand, other than the official representative for Bulgaria, „PIP ELECTRONICS “Ltd.., is not recognized as a warranty.
16. This warranty card cannot be issued again!
17. Warranty card for a product or products of the brand "BEHRINGER", issued by another seller or distributor, other than the original, issued by "PIP ELECTRONICS" Ltd., cannot be valid!