About Us

Company “ PIP ELECTRONICS “ Ltd. starts activity in 1996 in audio, sound and lighting equipment branch.
Its creator and manager since the establishment of the company until now is Petar Ivanov Petrov, ingineer with high degree in Radio Electronics from Technical University.
In 2011 opens the store “AUDIOMANIA “, where the company offers a small part of its assortment. The store is located on a medium area, but thanks to its location, as well as the competent employees of the company, specialists in the field of home and professional sound and lighting, quickly gained popularity in the city, region and very soon throughout Bulgaria.
A part of the store, “PIP ELECTRONICS “Ltd. manage a big warehouse and offices where is situated the marketing department of the company.

The company is a leader in the trade of all components of audio and sound equipment (built-in speakers, indoor speakers, 100V amplifiers, program modules, 100V players, garden sound, megaphones, professional and home speakers).
PIP ELECTRONICS Ltd. offers its customers constructions of disco and bar spectacular lighting (moving heads, scanners, stage lighting, DJ effects, lasers, trackers, white and color flash effects, outdoor lighting effects, sky rays, smoke machines, fire machines , bubble machines, controllers and control panels), audio and video conferencing systems, video and led displays, interactive whiteboards, screens and projectors, stage aluminum constructions, as well as all related materials and accessories, theater and culture houses equipment and etc.

PIP ELECTRONICS Ltd. participates and wins the realization of numerous municipality orders, projects financed by European Community principally in sound and lighting equipment at different regions in Bulgaria. In the years 2014-2020 the company has equipped and modernized a number of community centers, libraries, schools, municipalities, parks, museums and cultural centers and houses.
Some projects are very interesting, unusual for the company and its branch and PIP ELECTRONICS Ltd. has successfully participated. These are installations of tourist trains, production and placement of theatre decors with urban and rural traditional motifs and production of Bulgarian traditional costumes.

DISTRICTS IN BULGARIA with realized European projects by PIP ELECTRONICS Ltd:  with realized European projects by PIP ELECTRONICS Ltd:
- Varna, Plovdiv, Burgas, Ruse, Sofia, Lom, Vidin, Kozloduy, Botevgrad, Varshets, Yambol, Pavlikeni, Tutrakan, Berkovitsa, Elena, Panagyurishte, Dobrich, Simitli, Haskovo, Borovo, Dupnitsa, Razlog, Dolna Studena, Byala / Ruse /, Lyaskovets, Strazhitsa, Tsenovo, Etro Pole, Dobrich, Elena and others.

The company has two own brands: PIP Audio and PIP Light.
Since the beginning of 2019, the company is the only distributor of the professional brand "BEHRINGER" for Bulgaria.
The brand BEHRINGER is a world leader in products for the following activities:
-  Equipment for radio and recording stations and TV studios;
-  Sound systems for halls and discos;
-  Conference equipment;
-  Simultaneous translation systems;
-  Sound systems for stadiums, hotels, shopping malls, banks and other public buildings;
-  Effective lighting for discos, theaters and TV studios;
-  Interior and exterior spectacular lighting for private and public buildings;
-  Equipment for cinemas;
-  Multimedia projectors and widescreen video screens;
-  Cables and connectors, materials and accessories;
-  Stage constructions, podiums and hoists;
-  Theater equipment
PIP ELECTRONICS Ltd. represents the American company Global Truss for Bulgaria, which is a leader in the Truss system in the world.

The company realize direct import and works on the Bulgarian and European market, main customers are leaders in the production of speakers, traders of sound equipment and theater equipment, professional DJs and other customers.