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Understage equipment

Understage equipment
Independently of of the size of the stages, the possibilities of changing the stage surface are of essential significance for play production in theatres and opera houses. Modern stage equipment offers a wide range of technical options, some of which are intersect or revolving stages, elevators or trapdoor systems, as well as hoists devices with covers.
The most popular is a revolving stage, represents a theatrical device for scene changes, or shifts, by which three or more settings are constructed on a turntable around a central pivot and revolved before the audience. By rotating the artists or the props placed on the turning circle gives for the audience a unique opportunity for a moving sight.
Another element of understage equipment, almost obligatory for the opera and theater, where various musicals and operettas are performed, is a special place where the orchestra is placed, the orchestra pit. This place is at a level significantly lower than that the stage, various hoists or mechanically controlled platforms are often used for lifting.
We can offer a lot of possibilities for configuration of understage equipment conformed with your needs and dimensions of your room.

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Understage equipment

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