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What is a solar bench?
1. Solar bench replaces the traditional wired operation
mode with wireless, in line with the new theme of low carbon,
environment-friendly wireless city.
2. The working principle of the solar bench converts the
energy absorbed by the solar panel into the energy
required by the solar bench, and achieves self-sufficiency,
fully in line with the contemporary low-carbon,
environmentally friendly green concept.
3. The common bench chair has too single function, while
the solar stool integrates charging, LED lighting, Ad
placement, Bicycle dock, which meet the needs of
modern people in the information age.

Product Features:
It is designed for outdoor spaces exposed to sunlight, such as city squares, docks,
communities, or parks. The solar chair is 100% solar energy and does not require
any additional power or infrastructure changes.
The difference between ordinary stools and chairs
The common flat bench chair has too single function, and the intelligent sun stool is
a necessary product for creating an environmentally friendly smart city. The entire
solar energy can be put into use without any underground wiring. It is suitable for
various scenarios and can be used. Self-sufficient.

Solar energy devices can charge users' mobile phones. Charging mode: USB interface plug-in charging provides users with more choices.
LED lighting has a long life, low power, low power consumption, easy installation, energy saving and environmental protection. It is in line with the theme of green society in today's society. Even at night, it can illuminate users and bring a full sense of security.
The advertising light box has the advantages of large screen, strong long-sightedness, wide content, and fixedness. It can also bring certain economic benefits while maintaining its beautiful appearance.

Products with the "Behringer" brand have a 2-year warranty.
Products with the brand "PIP Audio" have a 1-year warranty.
Products with the brand "PIP Light" have a 1-year warranty.
Products with the brand "Truss" have a 1-year warranty.

Solar Power Bench SHB-2

Solar bench

L: 845 mm.
H: 2862 mm.
W: 2476 mm.

Panel power: 70W;
Battery: 12V;
2 pcs. USB port;
2 pcs. wireless charger;
Wi-Fi Router;
-100% independent energy system

Material – metal and wood
Large double sided pole with branding option;
Environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2, background noise)
Sensors – user counter, battery status
Administrative panel for remote network access to monitor the facility and environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2, noise background)
A free mobile application providing information to users about the data collected by the bench sensors

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Solar Power Bench SHB-2

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